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Healthy horses

Mai Karlshoej Nicholaisen is an equine dental technician certified by the IAED in year 2000. In 2005 she went to the advanced certification and certified as well. She have been working in Denmark since 2001 and at the same time attending several workshops and conferences both by the IAED (international association of equine dentistry) and IGFP (German organisation).
Her web-site about equine dentistry and her work is: www.hestetandpleje.dk (only in danish).

Equine Denmark also sell Traumeel, aloe vera and are using lifewave patches for the horses.

At Mai's work, as an equine dental technician, her focus is on all the health problems horses gets. She works with many equine specialist in all disciplins and work as a team to make the horses healthy and to help the owners to do the right things for their horses. She have learned that traumeel will help horses with traumas in the TMJ and neck, and that the aloe vera is good for the gingiva.

Contact Equine Denmark/Mai at the contact information below.